Chimney Stack Repairs


We charge £60 to climb and inspect a stack this includes a small repair. We also photo the stack for you. Unfortunately lots of stacks let water past the lead flashing because they never get warm. If you want me to book you in can you contact us for a inspection. I will look at any images you send me and advise for free. also if you have a scaffolding in place we will look for free.

Lead Flashing

Planning If you suspect that the condition of your roof’s lead flashing has become degraded or suffered storm damage, we recommend giving Safeway Roofing team a call today. Our friendly experts are on hand to take your call and ensure that your flashing is returned to working order. We very much look forward to hearing from you


Chimney Structure

Chimneys can cause dampness, subsidence and structural problems in your home if they are left with pending repairs.

If you have a chimney as part of your roof then it is very important to get it checked by a professional roofer from time to time to make sure that is safe for you, your family, neighbours and passers by.

Especially during the winter, the weather can play havoc with your chimney and within a short amount of time, mortar can crack, chimney pots can get broken and the general stability can be affected.